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Jurong Eco-Garden

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Jurong Eco-Garden
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Jurong Eco-Garden (JEG) is the “green lungs” of CleanTech Park (CTP), a place of respite for working community within the business park, the residential community in the vicinity and the natural wildlife that make up the unique ecology of the site.  Situated at the centre of CleanTech Park, Jurong Eco-Garden diverges itself into four themes – Summit Forest, Wildlife Corridor, Stream Ravine and Freshwater Swamp Forest that intersperse with building parcels.

Approximately 5-ha in size, Jurong Eco-Garden is the first development in Singapore to achieve the BCA-NParks Green Mark Platinum Award in the New Parks category.

Key Features in Jurong Eco-Garden


Our Eco- Sustainable Approach

Tree Conservation

Tree Conservation ‘prestarts’ the process of tree growth by about 15-20 years, providing shade and promote walkability in CleanTech Park.


Enhancement of Greenery

3.81 times more greenery is planted compared to the original site, turning JEG into a lush forest. Fruit and nectar producing plants are spaced carefully around the JEG to attract wildlife into the park.


Holistic Stormwater Management

Stormwater management is one of the most ambitious green features of the JEG, exemplifying various ABC Waters elements holistically throughout the site. Swales are used predominantly as a conveying element, purifying rainwater while channelling it from the roadside drains to the Freshwater Swamp Forest. These swales are discharged to a cleansing biotope that functions as the main cleansing element. At the JEG, a series of swamps and ponds will collect and retain the rainwater. The rainwater is cleansed to a specified level of water quality before being reused for toilet‐flushing and irrigation or before it is discharged out to the public drains.


Biodiversity in JEG

There are a total of 139 species recorded in CTP. Of the recorded species; six are considered species of conservation interest, being listed under the Singapore Red Data Book. The six species include one butterfly (the Common Birdwing), three birds (Straw-Headed bulbul; Red Junglefowl; Oriental Pied Hornbill), one dragonfly (Banded Skimmer), and one reptile (Keel-bellied Whip Snake). Within JEG, the three faunal groups that are frequently sighted are birds, butterflies and dragonflies. JEG is also an good location for bird watching.


Biodiversity in Jurong Eco-Garden

Things to Do in JEG















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Last updated: 16 July 2014