Corporate Functions 

Delwynn Lee, Senior Manager (Finance)

“I love the can-do and just-do-it attitude of JTC colleagues.”

As JTC’s development projects involve massive capital outlay, I maintain a tight watch over our financial resources and ensure that our real estate assets are financially sustainable.

JTC’s work is always challenging. How did you overcome some of the challenges that you face at work?

In my early years at JTC, I had to manage a review that required me to draw information from various departments against the backdrop of a tight deadline. I worked closely with my Deputy Director, who guided me selflessly as this was uncharted territory for me. Such tasks outside my usual work scope broadened my exposure to the needs and structure of the organisation, preparing me to take on more challenging duties.

The annual budget cycle is always challenging as we have to crunch enormous volumes of data and build a strategic understanding of issues in a short span of time. To overcome the challenge, we embrace frank, open communication within our teams. Candid discussions promote the germination of unique solutions to roadblocks. Above all, our strong camaraderie allowed us to help one another whenever someone faced difficulties in work.

What keeps you motivated about going to work every day?

My current role is wide ranging as it involves working with various departments across the organisation to understand the financial requirements of their projects. In doing this, I get an exclusive glimpse into the projects that are contributing to Singapore’s future. Having such an overview makes my work extremely dynamic and forward looking, which I thoroughly enjoy.