Industry Development

Egan Mah, Assistant Manager (Tenancy)

The people in JTC really make the work enjoyable! The working environment is friendly and collaborative. My colleagues are helpful, and they’re always there for you whenever you need it! For more experienced colleagues, they would also share and provide direction and guidance for us.

My work is interesting as I get to be involved in the marketing for Singapore’s next generation of industrial estate Woodlands North Coast (WNC). At WNC, we’re trying to build an ecosystem where tenants can support one another or have synergistic collaborations within the same location. WNC is also located near Republic Polytechnic where there is opportunity for industry-academia opportunities. I also got to be involved in estate-wide initiative to host a WNC Community Day for other tenants to build community engagement and partnership.

There are several opportunities for team-bonding within JTC. One of my fondest and meaningful memories was working with the Silver Generation Office, an outreach arm of the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC). As part of the CSR initiative, we accompanied AIC volunteers and shared with the elderly on the various initiatives available to them so that they can stay active.  

Collaborative, tight-knit, and where ideas and opinions are shared freely. If I were to have a chance to start my own company, I hope that the culture would be the same as JTC’s!