Fuelling the success of Energy and Chemicals businesses
01 Sep 2018 Written by JTC

Marketing & Management

Cindy Koh, Director  (Industry Development)

“We truly live by our tagline - Creating Tomorrow’s Industry Spaces."

I work closely with companies, industry associations, agencies and unions to support the growth and upgrading of the energy and chemicals industries. This can be via different means including land, space & infrastructural solutions and community building initiatives.

Is there ever a dull day at work?

As cliché as it may sound, every day at JTC is different as the requests and challenges faced by companies take on different forms and sizes. My job is never dull as we are constantly adapting to the changing needs of the industry and customers as well as developing innovative solutions to drive and support their growth. I am often asked why I always look so energetic at work. My energy level is kept high when I am surrounded by passionate people who share this common desire to overcome challenges as a team. There is also great satisfaction in the knowledge that my efforts are a cog in this huge machine that advances Singapore’s economy.

JTC is very invested in the development of her staff. What development opportunities were you given in JTC?

The organisation places a strong emphasis on grooming staff – be it through cross-division or inter-organisation projects, training programmes, job rotations or study awards. Personally, I was blessed with the opportunity to be sent to London for a 1-year Masters programme, which was a meaningful and enriching experience for me.