Giving life to our industrial landscape, one sketch at a time
01 Sep 2018 Written by JTC

Planning & Development

Lin Yanyun, Principal Architect

“The most fulfilling part about my role is seeing our efforts come to life.”

I oversee and manage the architectural designs and requirements of projects. This includes JTC projects and other public agencies’ projects.

What led you to join JTC?

I have had experiences with JTC’s projects while working as an architectural consultant in the private sector. I had the impression that JTC always pushes boundaries through pioneering spaces and building typologies. Innovation is a big part of JTC, and this makes it an exciting place to be an architect.

How is your role in JTC different from previous work experiences?

Based on my past work experiences with other companies, most project requirements have already been fixed from the onset. Design is also geared towards standard market practices and predicated on economic profitability. However, in JTC, architects are not confined to the predefined project brief or land requirements given. Instead, JTC architects play a part in the initial land planning and urban development process, and are able to participate in the formulation of project brief and planning guidelines with other agencies. While business viability remains important, we are also focused on providing public spaces and meeting spatial needs for industrialists. This makes the creation of our buildings especially fulfilling.

If you think that JTC is all about industrial projects, think again!

Given the wide repertoire of projects under JTC’s purview, I was roped in for a range of interesting projects – be it JTC projects like the CleanTech Park or the Punggol Digital District, or public sector projects in JTC’s role as the Centre of Excellence for Building & Infrastructure like the former Red Dot Building and the Singapore Art Museum. Every project is unique, and I am exhilarated to be a part of these key developments.