Imbuing the biomedical cluster with life and vitality
01 Sep 2018 Written by JTC

Marketing & Management

Bennett Tan, Manager  (Industry Development)

"I get to leave an imprint on Singapore's economic landscape"

I handle the marketing and lease management of industrial properties in the biomedical cluster, such as Biopolis@one-north and the MedTech Park. I also seek enhancement opportunities to make our estates appealing and vibrant.

Why did you apply for the JTC Scholarship?

I had a keen appetite to make a difference in Singapore’s economic landscape, and the role of JTC as an industrial infrastructure solutions provider offered an avenue to do just that. I read and heard about JTC’s monumental success in developing industrial land and space in the early years of Singapore’s independence. I therefore decided that JTC’s legacy was something I strongly wanted to identify myself with, and that its mandate was something I imagined myself contributing towards.

My active research on scholarship providers also brought me an acute awareness of how JTC has shown a dauntless willingness to venture into unfamiliar and highly ambitious projects. Singapore faces the unique constraint of a rapidly dwindling supply of land. Despite that, JTC constantly breaks new ground with innovative projects to circumvent the challenge. I was immensely drawn to the promise of a highly dynamic and challenging career with JTC.

How is a career with JTC rewarding?

JTC is responsible for Singapore’s industrial infrastructure development value chain. Hence, there will be opportunities for JTC staff to be acquainted with and involved in the whole spectrum of industrial development activities - from market analysis and feasibility studies, to conceptualisation and physical development of an industrial estate or facility, and finally to marketing of the property and lease management. While the timescale of this process may vary from several years to more than a decade, staff are equipped with a thorough understanding of the intricacies involved in encouraging industrial growth from an infrastructure perspective.