Pushing predefined boundaries and challenging preconceived limits
01 Sep 2018 Written by JTC

Planning & Development

Dickson Yee, Senior Project Manager (Reclamation), Former Intern (Project Management)

“The inclusive and nurturing JTC team culture creates an optimal environment for assimilation and growth.”

I spearhead mega land reclamation projects. My day-to-day responsibilities entail the full spectrum of design development and project management work.

Could you share about the projects you were involved in during your internship with JTC?

I was part of an engineering team that conceptualised an environmental management programme. The programme involved understanding the marine environment and mitigating any possible environmental impact resulting from reclamation and marine-related works. Through this project, I was able to put what I had learnt in school into practice. I also expanded my technical knowledge in the field of environmental impact management.

Other projects have allowed me to experience the full suite of engineering work, ranging from site work (eg. caisson casting and going onto marine barges to study seabed conditions) to opportunities where we explore and share ideas with fellow engineers and business partners.

How was your internship at JTC different from your other internship experiences?

I had the privilege of interning at several companies, some of which are large multinational corporations. What makes the JTC internship a cut above the rest was the mentorship. As the saying goes “tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn”. I had a good mentor who dedicated time to guide me and offered me opportunities to explore the field of engineering. I was actively involved in the brainstorming and decision-making process to steer the outcome of the project. This is very much contrary to the common perception that interns are always relegated to do inconsequential and menial tasks.

In addition, the internship program entailed numerous site visits which fortified my understanding of on-the-ground works. These experiences allowed me to gain greater insight into an engineering career and solidified my decision to join the industry.

How do you find a career with JTC fulfilling?

JTC is one of the few agencies that performs land reclamation. Due to the scale of reclamation projects, collaborations with various industry players, governmental bodies and stakeholders are an integral part of my job. This provides manifold platforms for learning and networking.

Personally, I think reclamation is really about building foundations on which a built environment is created, stringing together economic, social and even cultural interests. What I find fulfilling in my job is the thrill of being part of a long and challenging effort that would leave an imprint on Singapore’s map.