Corporate Functions

Lim Tow Rong, Assistant Manager  (Digital Technology)

“JTC allows you to chart your own training and stay up to date.”

How did you become a mid-term scholar?

I have always believed in doing internships early so that I can gain more insights into the work as well as the culture of the organisation. When I came to JTC for an internship, I was given the opportunity to work on mobile and IoT development in a self-paced semi-guided environment which allowed me free play to experiment. The project I worked on was the “Report a Fault” app, which has since been fully developed. The app is used today by customers to report issues with our buildings and estates, allowing JTC to respond faster to customers’ feedback and ensuring a pleasant experience for users of our estate. My internship was very fulfilling and the people here played a huge role in my decision to take up JTC’s mid-term scholarship. The bosses are also approachable and they took the time to guide and nurture me. I subsequently applied and was offered the mid-term scholarship.

What are some of the exciting projects that you are working on now?

I am currently building network infrastructure for Jurong Island. This network will be an essential component of the Island’s operations and I am also involved in the Data Centre, which will hold all the applications and data used in these operations. I am also looking into designing cybersecurity systems as this is a key priority in JTC’s IT governance. JTC adopts stringent IT regulations and standards.  Cyber threats are pervasive in this day and age, hence every system designed in JTC has to be built with IT security in mind. This is exciting as I get to pre-empt possible attack vectors and plug it before the system can be released for use.