Corporate Functions

Margaret Seah, Manager (Industry Devt), Former Intern (Audit)

“Come with the right learning attitude and ask as many questions as you need to. There’s no better time to do so!”

I conduct operational audits to identify control gaps for improvement.

Share with us an interesting project you worked on during your internship with JTC.

At JTC, the biggest plus point is work ownership. Despite being an intern, I was entrusted to lead the discussion during the process walkthroughs with the auditees instead of just being an observer. I was able to do it as I knew I would have support from my team leader who was quick to intervene whenever necessary. While I was pushed to challenge myself, I was reassured that help was readily available.

What made the JTC internship memorable for you?

There was a very conscious effort made to help interns appreciate JTC’s diverse roles and understand how JTC functions as an organisation. Any doubts that we had were clarified through site visits and engagement sessions with senior management. Silos were also broken down between departments – there were plentiful opportunities to network and interact with interns from other departments.

Above all, I learned much about internal audit in practice over my 3-months stint as my team leader had a nurturing mindset and gave me continuous feedback.


How was your first month like in JTC?

Eye-opening! People usually think that auditing work is deskbound but I was assigned to work on a construction audit that required onsite auditing. Despite the steep learning curve, my team leader, who was highly experienced in the field, was always there to guide me. She would brief me prior to site visits on the key areas to look out for. The guidance and mentorship gave me the confidence to overcome the challenges faced.