Shaping policies that support the evolving needs of our industries
01 Sep 2018 Written by JTC

Corporate Functions 

Ivy Tee, Assistant Director (Policy)

“At JTC, you can always count on support from colleagues and bosses.”

I formulate and review policies relating to the industrial property market as well as JTC’s business e.g allocation and pricing

How would you describe the work culture at JTC?

The idea of collaboration springs to mind whenever I am asked about JTC’s work culture. I joined JTC as a fresh graduate with no prior knowledge on policy formulation or review. In fact, I did not even have experience in writing a policy paper. However, the mentoring by friendly and encouraging colleagues and bosses greatly helped to ease the learning curve. Besides this, I had abundant opportunities not just to work with colleagues from different divisions, but also those from other statutory boards and ministries. This greatly expanded my learning horizon and allowed me to work with other people outside of JTC.

Tell us about an interesting assignment you took on at JTC.

I was able to make a difference by sharing the knowledge and experience with my new colleagues. I took on a trainer role to conduct marketing and lease management courses to familiarise them with the policies. I didn’t want it to be just a plain lecture which would bore them. Instead, I included interesting games, as well as quizzes to sustain the participants’ interest. My heart warms whenever I see the new colleagues take something away from the courses while having fun at work!