JTC's Whistle Blowing Policy

When you work with us, you can expect the highest standards of professional conduct.
If you witness or suspect any of the wrongful practices listed below, we encourage you to report the matter to us.
We will take reasonable effort to protect the confidentiality of your identity and the information you provide. If the disclosure was made in good faith, no action will be taken against you even if investigations reveal no wrongdoing.
  • Breach of law or policy
  • Fraudulent act
  • Corruption (bribery)
  • Collusion
  • Criminal offence
  • Wilful suppression or concealment of any relevant information relating to wrongful practice
  • Endangering act to person or property
  • Others (improper practices/activities, which may cause financial or non-financial loss to JTC, or damage JTC’s reputation)
JTC Whistleblower Hotline: 6883-3999
Email: whistleblower@jtc.gov.sg

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