Renewal of Tenancy
Assignment Of Lease
Plan Consent
Payment Matters
Facilities & Estate Matters
Renewal of Tenancy
  • Q1.1 What if I do not wish to renew my tenancy, but require additional time to vacate the premises when my tenancy expires?
  • A1.1 In this instance, you can submit an application to JTC for an extension of stay. During the extension of your stay, you are required to pay building or land and building rent and service charge at the prevailing market rent. You will be required to re-instate the premises before you vacate it.
  • Q1.2 What should I do if my GIRO limit is insufficient for deducting the first month's building or land and building rent and service charge?
  • A1.2 In the event that your GIRO limit is insufficient to cover the first month's building or land and building rent and service charge, the amount shall be paid by cheque. Subsequently, please write in to your bank to request for an increase in your GIRO limit and forward a copy of the letter to JTC.
  • Q1.3 If I have an existing Banker's Guarantee, when will it be returned if I should decide to change to another bank during the period of tenancy?
  • A1.3 If you have decided to use another bank during the tenancy period, you are required to submit the new Banker's Guarantee to JTC first before the existing Banker's Guarantee can be returned to you. Please ensure that the new Banker's Guarantee covers the same period of tenancy as the existing Banker's Guarantee.
Assignment Of Lease
  • Q2.1 Why does JTC impose a prohibition period on Assignment or Transfer of lease?
  • A2.1 JTC aims to ensure that the industrialists who have leased our limited industrial land based on their proposed business plans remain committed to them for a reasonable period of time, while allowing the lessees to exit on grounds of genuine business needs. It is not the intention of JTC to develop industrial properties for rent or sale to maximise short-term returns. JTC has a developmental role in providing and managing affordable quality facilities to encourage investments in Singapore.
  • Q2.2 Is it reasonable for JTC to expect the lessees to operate for a minimum of 5 years after the fulfillment of investment criteria? How was the number of years derived?
  • A2.2 With JTC granting the lease, the lessee is expected to make full use of the facilities throughout the lease term. However, we recognise that some lessees may need to assign for purposes of relocation, expansion and/or financial hardship and thus, as a concession, we allow for assignment subject to our consent. The 5-year period is deemed to be a reasonable time for companies to pursue and complete their short to medium term business plans prior to the decision to exit.
  • Q2.3 Will the revised assignment prohibition period affect the existing lessees?
  • A2.3 The revised assignment prohibition period will not affect the existing lessees unless they have a remaining lease term of less than 5 years. The lessees may assign their lease subject to JTC's consent, after the assignment prohibition period as stated in their contract with us.
  • Q2.4 What happens if a lessee genuinely needs to assign within the assignment prohibition period?
  • A2.4 The lessee can approach his/her customer engagement officer for further assistance.
  • Q2.5 Will the buyer be given a new lease from JTC upon Assignment or Transfer of lease?
  • A2.5 No. The Buyer will only be entitled to the remaining lease term of the Seller.
  • Q2.6 Can the Buyer continue its business operations beyond the current lease term, i.e. have the lease renewed automatically?
  • A2.6 The lease will not be renewed automatically. Any lease renewal application will be assessed according to JTC's lease renewal criteria. However, if the Seller's current lease document already has an option for a further lease term and the Seller has met the investment criteria and qualified for the further lease term, then the Buyer will inherit that further lease term, subject to the Terms and Conditions for the further lease term, stipulated in the lease document.
  • Q2.7 Does the buyer need to confirm with JTC if the Seller has rectified breach of lease covenants (if any) before the completion of the Assignment or Transfer of Lease?
  • A2.7 No. The Buyer is advised to check directly with the Seller whether there are breaches of lease term, covenants or conditions, and whether all the breaches (if any) have been rectified, prior to legal completion of the assignment or transfer of lease.
  • JTC will look to the Seller to rectify the breaches before completion of the assignment/transfer. Once completion of the assignment or transfer has taken place, JTC will look to the Buyer to remedy all breaches which have not been rectified or had been discovered after completion of assignment or transfer.
Plan Consent
  • Q3.1 Why is there a need to submit plans to JTC for consent as landowner?
  • A3.1 Like any other landlord, JTC needs to know about the kind of works that JTC tenants and lessees intend to carry out on its land and buildings.
  • It is also a requirement by URA, that all submissions receive consent from the landowner, prior to URA submission.
  • You may refer to step by step guide to ease your plan consent submission.
Payment Matters
  • Q4.1 When is my monthly rent due and how will I be notified of the amount payable?
  • A4.1 Monthly rents and other charges are due and payable to JTC on the 1st of every month. Customers are given a grace period of 14 days from the due date to make payment. Statements of Accounts will be issued fortnightly to our customers on the 1st and 16th of every month, unless there have been no new transactions for your account in the last fortnight. Statements of Accounts (including the past 18 months' history) are also available online via Krypton for your viewing and retrieval.
  • For billing enquiries, please contact the service officer listed on your Statement of Accounts.
  • Q4.2 What are the penalty charges for late payment?
  • A4.2 Payments received by JTC after the grace period will be considered as late payment and will be subject to an interest charge of 8.5% per annum, from the due date of the payment.
  • Q4.3 What are the various modes of payment to JTC?
  • A4.3 The modes of payment available for payment of rents and other charges include the following:
    • Interbank GIRO
    • Cheque (crossed and made payable to JTC Corporation)
    • Cash
    • NETS or Cashcard
    • Credit Card or Debit Card (for online applications only)
  • All customers are encouraged to make their monthly payments to JTC by Interbank GIRO due to the many that benefits it offers. (Refer to Q4.4)
  • Q4.4 Why should I use Interbank GIRO for payment of JTC rents and other charges?
  • A4.4 Because :
    • It is the most convenient and efficient way of making your regular payments
    • Preparation and mailing of cheques are no longer necessary
    • You can always ensure prompt payment
    • Payment of interest on late payment is avoided
    • Payment is only deducted from your bank account about 21 days after due date (i.e. you will enjoy a longer grace period of about a week as compared to those who pay by cash or cheque)
    • Service provided is free of charge
  • To apply for Interbank GIRO, you can download a copy of the GIRO application form.
  • GIRO Hotline
  • For enquiries on Interbank GIRO application, please call 6883 3495.
  • Q4.5 When is the GIRO deduction date?
  • A4.5 GIRO deduction will be on the 28th of the month. If the deduction is unsuccessful, there will be another attempt on the 8th of the following month. If the value date falls on a weekend or Public Holiday, the deduction will be onthe next working day.
  • Q4.6 How long does it take for the GIRO deduction to be activated upon submission of the GIRO application form?
  • A4.6 It takes approximately one month to process the GIRO application by JTC and your bank. You will be notified of the commencement date of your GIRO deduction by letter. Meanwhile, please continue to make payment to JTC via other payment methods.
  • Q4.7 Is there a receipt issued for payments made through GIRO?
  • A4.7 No. Payments will be reflected in subsequent hard copy Statement of Accounts sent to you or on your e-Statements available for viewing via Krypton.
  • Q4.8 Can I change my bank account for GIRO deduction?
  • A4.8 You would need to inform JTC in writing at least 21 days before the next GIRO deduction date. In addition, you would need to submit a fresh GIRO application form with your new bank account for GIRO payment. You can download a copy of the GIRO form here.
  • Q4.9 How do I terminate my GIRO account?
  • A4.9 You may inform your bank to terminate the GIRO arrangement in the form of a letter. Please also forward a copy of the letter to JTC.
Facilities & Estate Matters
  • Q5.1 If I have a maintenance feedback on building and facility services within JTC properties and would like to request for assistance, how should I go about doing it?
  • A5.1 You can call our 24-hour Essential Service Centre hotline (1800-533 2211) if you have any maintenance request on building and facility services within JTC properties.