Environmental Baseline Study

An Environmental Baseline Study (EBS) is a soil and groundwater investigation carried out to:

  • Establish the baseline level of potential contaminants in the soil and groundwater beneath the site
  • Assess the extent of contamination of the site

Decontamination works for the site will be dependent on the EBS results.

If your business involves pollutive activities or stores diesel, petroleum or flammable materials, an EBS is required when you:

*Includes En-bloc Redevelopment (EBR) cases or cases where JTC buys back your leases.

^Includes transfer cases such as corporate restructuring.

An EBS can take up to 4 months to complete.

Who is responsible for the EBS and decontamination works
Current activity Proposed activity Party responsible for EBS Party responsible for decontamination works
New lease/tenancy/TOL allocation
Not applicable Non-pollutive Not applicable
Pollutive Incoming lessee/tenant Not applicable
Renewal of lease/tenancy/TOL, change of use or subletting
Non-pollutive Non-pollutive Not applicable
Pollutive Current lessee/tenant Lessee/tenant at point of exit
Pollutive Non-pollutive Current lessee/tenant Lessee/tenant at point of approval
Expiry or termination of lease/tenancy/TOL
Non-pollutive Not applicable Not applicable
Pollutive Exiting lessee/tenant Lessee/tenant at point of exit
Assignment of transfer of lease/tenancy/TOL
Non-pollutive Non-pollutive Not applicable
Pollutive Transferee (buyer)

Transferrer at point of assignment or
transfer (unless transferee undertakes
obligation to decontaminate at point of exit)

Pollutive Non-pollutive Transferrer (seller)
Engage a qualified consultant

As we only accept EBS reports from qualified consultants, please choose from the latest list of consultants published in the National Environment Agency's (NEA) website.

Read our technical guidelines for more information. Also, do ensure the data submitted for soil and groundwater samples tested adhere to these templates:

Practice Circulars

Please refer to the following Practice Circulars for updates to our policies and procedures: