Our Sustainability Journey - Commitment Goals

Solar Energy

JTC aims to produce and utilise more solar energy to reduce grid dependency and burning of fossil fuels. To increase the production of solar energy, JTC has pioneered a SolarRoof model that allows solar energy to be generated on our roofs to be exported to the power grid. Some of our buildings that currently have solar panels installed on their roofs include Jurong Town Hall, JTC Surface Engineering Hub, and Offshore Marine Centre. JTC is also exploring leasing vacant land out for solar power generation.

Energy & Water Use Intensity

JTC aims to optimise energy and water use efficiencies by exploiting technology, promoting green practices and catalysing the development of alternative solutions.

At JTC, we remotely monitor, analyse and optimise operations through J-Ops, an integrated estate and building management system. We also retrofit and upgrade older buildings. These initiatives help us ensure we're operating efficiently. To extend our commitment, we promote environmental sustainability in customers' spaces through the use of green leases in new allocations and lease renewal cases. We also explore innovative new solutions such as clean energy sources, waste management technologies, and green technology such as blackwater recycling and vertical greening.

Emissions Intensity

JTC aims to leverage economies of scale and streamline operations to cut down the carbon footprints of our new estates.

To reduce our emissions intensity, JTC leverages centralised systems in our buildings. Our district cooling system allows us to centralise cooling needs, and our integrated estate operations centre optimises operations through centralised control of our smart buildings.

Green Coverage & Biodiversity

JTC is partnering NParks and business communities to increase and preserve green coverage and biodiversity in our estates and developments.

We are actively engaging stakeholders to take part in the following initiatives:

  • Plant-a-Tree Initiative: Participating in community tree-planting initiatives to green industrial estates and business parks
  • Grow-a-Reef-Garden Initiative: Sponsoring the project to create 1000 sqm of artificial coral reef area at the Sisters' Islands Marine Park to preserve marine biodiversity
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens Seed Bank: Donating to safeguard plant diversity through seed collection efforts