Boost for clean energy in Singapore as first SolarRoof buildings connect to national power grid

With the collaboration between JTC and Sun Electric, consumers can now have greater access to solar-generated electricity

In a significant milestone for the solar electricity sector, the first SolarRoof buildings have begun contributing solar-generated electricity to the national grid, allowing businesses and individuals in Singapore greater access to clean energy. More than 20 JTC buildings are expected to be connected progressively to the national power grid by 2019 and are expected to generate up to 5MWp of solar-generated power.

SolarRoof - From Test-bed to Connection

Launched in June 2017, SolarRoof is the first solar energy business model in Singapore that enables the direct export of solar electricity, generated from the rooftops of JTC’s buildings, to the national power grid. It is a result of a test-bed project from JTC’s first Open Innovation Call in 2015.

A partnership between national industrial infrastructure developer JTC and local solar energy retailer Sun Electric, SolarRoof optimises rooftops for solar power generation and catalyses the adoption of clean energy in Singapore. Consumers can purchase solar-generated electricity, even if the buildings they occupy are not equipped with solar panels.

The first SolarRoof buildings that have begun contributing this source of clean energy to the national power grid include JTC Space @ Tuas Biomedical Park and Offshore Marine Centre.

On the successful connection of the first SolarRoof buildings to the national power grid after a year of installation and tests, Mr Ng Lang, CEO of JTC said, “We are excited that this partnership with Sun Electric will provide consumers with greater access to a sustainable source of energy. We hope that this will encourage more building owners to optimise their roof spaces for solar power generation, and do their part to contribute to sustainable energy generation in Singapore.”

It’s “Our Power” – Solar power harvested across Singapore’s rooftops

Sun Electric was awarded the SolarRoof contract by JTC in 2017 to supply, install and maintain solar panels mounted on the rooftops of JTC’s buildings. The electricity generated by the solar panels is currently available for purchase by commercial entities and will be rolled out to consumers. Existing customers include French energy management company Schneider Electric, leading restaurant-booking start-up Chope, and local café Crown Coffee.

Sun Electric also has a SolarSpace program which delivers the solar electricity in the national grid to any user who is connected to the national electricity network. The patented SolarSpace solution is free to solar installation firms, consumers, and buildings alike who are paid for the power they generate. SolarSpace’s proprietary dashboard will also allow its users to track their energy usage, including seeing which specific rooftop their electricity comes from, for greater transparency.

“With the SolarRoof programme, we want to make solar energy accessible to all. We are proud to work with JTC to make solar energy available on Singapore’s Open Energy Market (OEM), so that everyone in Singapore can tap on power generated by ourselves. It is truly Our Power,” said Dr. Matthew Peloso, Founder and CEO of Sun Electric.

In conjunction with the SolarRoof connection to the grid, Sun Electric launched a new slogan, “Our Power”, which celebrates local production of electric power that is generated in Singapore by a sustainable community that includes businesses and people. This campaign also emphasises taking ownership of Singapore's electricity resources as a community, and reducing imports and reliance on fossil fuels by capturing sunlight. Businesses in the Our Power program can sponsor a SolarRoof, and develop loyalty and rewards points through the promotion of clean power.