Returning your premises upon lease expiry

You will receive a reminder through email 1 year in advance of your lease expiring.

Reinstating your premises

You are required to reinstate your premises before returning it to us on the lease expiry date.

We will contact you through email or phone to arrange for a joint site inspection, approximately 6 months before your lease expires. After the inspection, we will inform you about the reinstatement requirements, taking into consideration the reinstatement obligations stated in your lease agreement.

You will need to comply with our guideline for site return. 

You may also need to conduct an Environmental Site Assessment before returning your premises to us if your business activities involve pollutive materials.


Reinstatement works must be completed before the lease expiry date. You are liable to pay double rent effective from the lease expiry date if:

  • Your reinstatement works are not completed before your lease expiry date
  • You continue to stay on the premises beyond your lease expiry date