Building and infrastructure innovations
Rising to every challenge

Pioneering new possibilities for the built environment industry

Digitalisation, rapid urbanisation and climate change. These are just some of the megatrends that are transforming the way we build.

At JTC, we are meeting these challenges by anticipating change and staying one step ahead.

From smart facilities management to sustainable industrial development, we are partnering industry players to introduce solutions. We are also working with research and academic institutes, collaborating with the brightest minds to uncover game-changing possibilities.

A group of people sitting at a table using a laptop

Embracing digital transformation.

As buildings become more complex, so does the construction process. With digitalisation, we now have a solution that not only simplifies operations but brings new possibilities to planners and builders.


Demo and presentation on SBCC by JTC's Future of Building and Infrastructure (FBI) team at JTC Summit

Driving renewables and sustainable materials

AI solutions jointly developed with startups drive smart inspection at JTC estates

Working with artificial intelligence and robotics

Pioneering ways to enable safer and less tedious way of inspecting estates and buildings

Restoring our natural environment