e-Bidding is an online platform that you can use to bid for ready-built industrial spaces in our high-rise buildings or workshops.

On the e-Bidding platform, you can search for available spaces and bid for the space that you would like to rent. Do note our e-Bidding Terms and Conditions.

The highest bidder who passes our assessment criteria, and whose usage for the space has been approved by relevant authorities, will be awarded the space.

Click here to see what’s currently available for bidding.

Bidding process

Available spaces are put up for bidding every week, typically on Mondays. Bidding closes on Fridays.

After each bidding cycle closes, results showing all bids received will be posted here.

Spaces that have not received any bids will be put up for bidding again in subsequent bidding cycles, according to our assessment of the demand.

Step 1:Log in to the e-bidding platform

Log in to the e-bidding platform with your Corpass or Singpass and provide your details.

Your submitted details will be used for the tenancy agreement if your bid is successful. 

Step 2:Browse available spaces

After filling in your details, you can browse the spaces available for bidding.

If you would like to monitor the bidding status of certain spaces before making a bid, you can add them to 'My Watchlist'

You can choose to be notified of spaces that meet your needs by customising different sets of criteria under 'My Alert'. You will receive an SMS or email when such a space is available for bidding.

Step 3:Select and bid

Select a space and submit your bid. The bid amount must meet the minimum bid.

Step 4:Pay the deposit

Everytime you bid for a space, you are required to pay a bid deposit through credit card. The deposit amount can be found under the unit details of the space you are bidding for.

Things to note when bidding:

  • Your bid will not be accepted if the deposit payment is unsuccessful
  • Your deposit will be forfeited if you:
    • Participate in bidding when you are not permitted to do so
    • Submit a fraudulent bid or a bid in bad faith
    • Provide false or misleading information
    • Withdraw your bid after submission
    • Do not provide the requested documents for assessment within the stipulated time frame
    • Do not accept our offer within the stipulated time frame 

Step 5: Monitor your bid

To monitor your bid and other bids made for the same space, log in to the e-Bidding platform with your Singpass.

Go to ‘My Watchlist’. Units that you are bidding for will appear in the list. You can see the highest bids and the time remaining before bidding ends. You can also see the bidding history in real time.

Step 6: Raise your bid if required

You can choose to raise your bid if there are higher competing bids.Your next bid must be in line with the minimum increment amount set by us. 

Step 7: Receive results

After the bidding cycle closes, you will be notified of the results through email and SMS. You may also view the results online here.

If you are the highest bidder, you will be informed through email and SMS within 3 working days from the release of the results.

Step 1: Submit documents for assessment

You will need to provide the following documents for assessment within 3 weeks of receiving the notification:

  • Most updated business profile from Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)
  • Latest company annual report, audited accounts or management accounts (e.g. profit & loss statements)
  • Advisory for Industrial Allocation from the National Environment Agency (NEA) Development Control and Licensing Department (DCLD)
Withdrawing your bid

You may withdraw your successful bid. However, do note that your bid deposit will be forfeited. You may also be debarred from participating in our future tenders, or those called by the Government and other Statutory Bodies.

Step 2: You will be notified of the outcome

Successful application

If your application is successful, we will send you an offer letter through email.

Do the following within 3 weeks of receiving the offer letter:

  • Print and mail the signed acceptance letter together with the completed GIRO application form to us
  • Make the following payment through bank transfer:
  • 1 month’s advance rent, inclusive of Service and Conservancy charges
  • 1 additional month’s rent as a security deposit
  • Stamp duty fees

We will inform you through email when we have received your signed acceptance letter and processed your GIRO application. We will also inform you of the key collection date.

Unsuccessful application

If your application is unsuccessful, we will release your bidding deposit. The deposit will be credited back to you after being processed by your bank/credit card company.