Administrative fees

Administrative fees apply when you submit hard copy applications to JTC. To avoid incurring this cost, submit your applications online through the customer service portal.

Application Type Online application Hard copy application
Subletting No charge S$599.50*
Renewal of subletting
Non-exclusive and limited religious use
Change of use
Extension of use
Transfer of tenancy
Renewal of tenancy
Termination of tenancy
Assignment of lease
Renewal of lease No charge S$1,199.00*

*Includes GST

Administrative fees are charged during the application process and are non-refundable. The amount charged will be reflected in your Account Summary and tax invoices.

With effect from 15 January 2021, an administrative fee of S$321 (including GST) will be charged per contract if you discontinue GIRO payment during your tenure or are not on GIRO upon contract renewal.