JTC leads solar deployment across Singapore’s industrial estates towards achieving potential solar capacity of 1,250MWp

JTC’s SolarRoof and SolarLand programmes will be rolled out to all JTC buildings and vacant land to achieve 350 MWp by 2030; programmes extended to privately leased industrial properties for collective push towards achieving additional solar capacity of 900 MWp

JTC leads solar deployment across Singapore Industrial Estate
Solar panel deployment on the roof top of Sim Siang Choon Headquarters (Photo credit: JTC)

JTC is expanding its solar deployment programme to optimise the full solar capacity of Singapore’s industrial buildings and land. The solar deployment across all JTC buildings, vacant industrial land as well as on sea will increase the solar capacity from the current 135.6MWp to about 350MWp, when fully completed by 2030. Privately leased industrial properties account for 72% of total potential solar capacity from industrial estates and outreach efforts will be ramped up for a collaborative push with industrialists to increase the current capacity of 225.4 MWp to 900 MWp by 2030. Collectively, roll-out across all feasible JTC buildings and vacant industrial land, privately leased industrial properties, as well as the deployment of floating solar photovoltaic panel systems close to Jurong Island can potentially generate 1,250 MWp, contributing to 60 per cent of Singapore's total solar deployment target of at least 2 GWp by 2030.

JTC SolarRoof to make solar adoption easy for companies

Almost 400 companies at JTC’s industrial estates have installed solar panels on their roofs, generating 225.4 MWp of solar capacity. To optimise the full solar capacity of Singapore’s industrial buildings, JTC has extended the SolarRoof programme to lessees of privately leased industrial properties to make solar adoption easy, accessible and with zero capital outlay. Companies can then enjoy discounted electricity rates from the power generated from their roof space, or reap a monetary benefit through leasing out their roof space for solar deployment. Since July 2022, the minimum solar contract period for SolarRoof has been reduced from 15 years to as short as eight years. This enhancement allows companies with shorter lease tenures to also benefit from the programme.

Sim Siang Choon Hardware recently tapped on the SolarRoof programme for their headquarters in Changi South. “JTC’s SolarRoof programme enabled us to deploy solar panels at facility without the need for any installation expense. The entire process was fast and easy, with minimal disruption to our showroom and warehousing operations. From our recent commencement in March 2023, we have a reduction of about 50 per cent for our electricity bill, offset through solar energy generated from our building. This initiative to utilise solar energy also contributes positively to our company’s corporate social responsibility objectives,” said Sim Siang Choon Hardware’s Financial Controller, Diana Seah.

Progress of solar deployment across JTC estates and vacant land

Efforts are ongoing for progressive solar deployment across all JTC estates and vacant land. Since the launch of JTC’s solar deployment programme in 2017, more than 60 buildings across JTC estates and 70 hectares of temporary vacant land have been awarded for solar deployment to achieve the current solar capacity of 135.6MWp.

JTC’s SolarRoof programme has been expanded to include JTC landed factories and JTC landed terrace workshops with a minimal 800 sqm of contiguous roof. With this enhancement, solar panels will be deployed at JTC landed factories at Seletar, Loyang, and Changi Industrial Estates, as well as JTC landed terrace workshops at Pandan Loop Industrial Estate by the end of 2023.

JTC has also made progress for solar deployment on temporary vacant industrial land under the SolarLand programme. JTC SolarLand at Changi Business Park is the largest ground mounted solar farm in Singapore with over 35,500 solar panels deployed in November 2021. Spanning 11.6 hectares of interim vacant land, the solar farm has an estimated capacity of up to 19 MWp and is expected to generate electricity to the national grid over the next 20 years, equivalent to powering approximately 5,300 HDB 4-room flats annually. JTC has also launched a tender in December 2022 to increase the solar energy capacity of Jurong Island from 12.3 MWp to 103.2 MWp, making it the industrial estate with the largest solar deployment in Singapore. The tender will be closing on 31 May 2023.

JTC will continue to explore ways to optimise available spaces for renewable energy generation, towards achieving Singapore’s solar capacity target of at least 2 GWp by 2030. JTC’s Chief Sustainability Officer Tan Chee Kiat said, “JTC has ramped up our solar programme significantly since 2017. In addition to solarising JTC’s own buildings, we are working with our industrialists to unlock the solar potential of 900 MWp from privately leased sites. Industry consultations were vital in helping us ease the process of solar adoption to onboard more industrialists. While solar deployment is relatively limited today, we see more companies appreciating the benefits of solar installations. The on-going outreach efforts play an important role in encouraging solar deployment in industrial estates to achieve our target of 1,250 MWp.”