Jurong Innovation District: Integrating a Sustainable High-Tech, Manufacturing Estate into Jurong’s Residential Community

Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for Social Policies, and Advisor to Jurong GRC Grassroots Organisations, Tharman Shanmugaratnam launched the Jurong Innovation District (JID) Masterplan Exhibition today. Masterplanned and developed by JTC Corporation (JTC), the District will be the hub for Singapore’s advanced manufacturing industry, a key economic growth sector. The anchoring of JID in the Jurong West region will see an increase in good jobs engaged in cutting-edge technologies including automation, artificial intelligence and data analytics.

Building a Strong Talent Pipeline through Industry-Academia Collaborations

To build a pipeline of skilled talent for the advanced manufacturing sector, JTC and Singapore Polytechnic (SP) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Industry 4.0 transformation, pooling together industry and academia resources and expertise to further knowledge on advanced manufacturing concepts and technologies.

SP and industry technology providers will develop and provide technology solutions, as well as conduct workforce training for companies. Businesses will experience real-life applications of advanced manufacturing solutions at smart facilities within SP’s campus. SP will also facilitate process re-design to drive technology adoption, build capabilities, and improve the companies’ current operations.

To upskill the local talent pool, SP will introduce work-study programmes for students, entry-level professionals and employees, supported by JTC. SP students will be given internship and project opportunities at advanced manufacturing companies in JID and beyond. Over 400 talents from SP are expected to benefit from this programme in the next three years.

This complements the suite of upcoming research and training opportunities at JID, including programmes on the applications of Industry 4.0 methods and technologies by German engineering firm, Bosch Rexroth at its Regional Training Centre, and the NTU-JTC Industry Talent Development Programme, where students intern and work on projects with advanced manufacturing industry partners.

Mr Ng Lang, Chief Executive Officer of JTC, said “The global digital transformation in manufacturing will require a new generation to work alongside new technologies in a digitalised workplace. Partnerships with Institutes of Higher Learning like SP are important in ensuring that our workforce is equipped with the right skillsets to meet the needs of new manufacturing jobs. As the hub for advanced manufacturing, JID embodies a district where factories of the future are becoming cleaner and greener. Nestled amongst parks and attractive estates, it will also enhance accessibility for both workers and neighbouring communities.”

A Brand New Manufacturing Estate Seamlessly Integrated with Neighbouring Residential Community

JID represents what new manufacturing estates will evolve into. It will become clean, high-tech, and house facilities with modern and cutting-edge technology. These factories of the future will seamlessly integrate with new parks, enhanced public spaces, retail and dining options for both workers and the residential community.

Liveable and sustainable, residents can enjoy an 11km car-free sky corridor with dedicated lanes for pedestrians, cyclists and autonomous shuttles, connecting workplaces to transport hubs, amenities and community spaces. When built, it will be the longest sky corridor in Singapore, and creates a highly walkable environment for the community. JID also boasts green coverage spanning across 40% of the District, comprising a network of parks, lush greenery and biodiversity within the urban environment.

The existing Jurong Eco-Garden will undergo rejuvenation in phases. By 2025, surrounding residents in Jurong can enjoy nature trails, café, playground and fitness facilities. Come 2022, a new linkway will connect Jurong West residents directly to the Jurong Eco-Garden.

A new 10ha park will be developed within the Bulim precinct from 2020. The Bulim Park, integrated with the surrounding industrial buildings provide a relaxing sanctuary for the working and residential community, with inclusive play areas, fitness facilities, nature trails, leisure and dining options for people to enjoy.

Three new MRT Stations on the future Jurong Region Line (JRL) will improve transport connectivity from 2026. Residents in Jurong can cycle or walk along the Integrated Park Connector Network to nearest train stations.