JTC and SP Group to Develop and Operate Singapore’s First Smart Grid for Business Parks at Punggol Digital District

A Smart Grid system that provides green energy and increases energy efficiency will serve businesses and consumers in the upcoming Punggol Digital District (PDD). JTC and SP Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on the Smart Grid at the Asia Clean Energy Summit 2018 today, witnessed by Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr Masagos Zulkifli. This partnership will drive the design of smart energy solutions comprising the areas of renewable energy and electric mobility, that will be integrated with the Open Digital Platform in the District, announced in July this year.

Under the MoU, JTC and SP Group will develop and implement a Smart Grid within PDD. Companies in PDD can look forward to adopting clean sources of energy, such as solar energy generated from building roofs, and take advantage of new technologies, such as electric vehicle charging and smart metering. Through the Smart Grid, about 1,700 tonnes of carbon emissions could be reduced per year, equivalent to taking 270 cars off the road.

The Smart Grid will be integrated with the Open Digital Platform, allowing communication and interaction with other building systems in the District, such as the District Cooling System (DCS) and the Building Management System (BMS). For instance, on a hot sunny day, the Smart Grid will register an increase in electricity consumption as the air conditioning systems consume more energy to maintain the temperature in the building. It automatically sends a signal to the Open Digital Platform, which detects the specific rooms where the temperature has increased. The Open Digital Platform then activates the Building Management System within the building to lower the blinds in those rooms, reducing heat gain and conserving energy.

JTC’s Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Mr. David Tan, said, “Beyond utilities and technologies, it is about giving the community the data and tools to make informed decisions about their energy consumption, be it adopting clean sources of energy or optimising usage to reduce costs. Aggregated data on energy consumption from the Smart Grid will be made available for academics, researchers, start-ups and enterprises to encourage innovation in the domains of clean energy and energy management.”

Mr Goh Chee Kiong, Head, Strategic Development of SP Group said, “SP Group is committed to design and implement smart energy solutions, driven by our deep energy integration and digital capabilities. We are pleased to work with JTC to help businesses in the Punggol Digital District save cost and go green through our innovative smart grid.”

At the forefront of Singapore’s Smart Nation push, PDD is envisioned to be a vibrant and inclusive district where cutting-edge technology and social innovation transform the way we work, live, learn and play in the future. PDD will house key growth sectors such as digital and cybersecurity, and will also be the first district in Singapore to be fully integrated with Internet of Things systems from the ground up. This infrastructure will create conducive test-bed environments for businesses and entrepreneurs, allowing them to thrive in a digital economy, while the enhanced experience brought about by the digitalisation will provide a sustainable and connected environment for the community. The first buildings in District are expected to be completed by 2023.