JTC and Tiny Pod to introduce Singapore’s first co-living train hotel in LaunchPad @ one-north
Tiny Pod's co-living train hotel at LaunchPad @ one-north (Image credit: Tiny Pod)

Singapore, 11 April 2024 – LaunchPad @ one-north, an innovator’s playground for new solutions, is set to host Singapore’s first-ever co-living train hotel, featuring the adaptive reuse of a decommissioned SMRT’s train carriage into a boutique co-living hotel. Developed by local startup Tiny Pod, this new hospitality concept will be piloted with the support of JTC.

The co-living train hotel will incorporate a total of eight rooms, each equipped with an attached bathroom. Additionally, LCD panels mounted inside the driver’s compartment will depict real-life footage of the train’s earlier journey through the tunnel, creating an immersive experience for guests.

The train hotel will be located at the car park next to Block 69 Ayer Rajah Crescent. A public recreational green space will be developed beside the co-living train hotel. Integrated with food and beverage vending machines and bicycle racks, this new amenity node will also incorporate repurposed train chairs as outdoor public benches. Renovation works have commenced in March 2024, with the co-living train hotel anticipated to be operational in September 2024.

Recognising the value of being in an ecosystem of like-minded startups within LaunchPad @ one-north, Tiny Pod has leveraged this opportunity to partner with local start-up Igloo Home for the hotel’s smart lock system to enhance the co-living train.

Tiny Pod’s co-living train hotel project is an extension to their pop-up shipping container hotel at LaunchPad @ one-north, which was launched in 2020. Since then, Tiny Pod’s shipping containers have expanded to urban and public spaces at Gardens by the Bay and Haw Par Villa.

"In today's market, where consumers prioritise eco-conscious choices, pop-up hotels are swiftly emerging as a lucrative niche. Our endeavour taps into this trend and exemplifies a fusion of profitability and sustainability. By transforming underutilised spaces into unique accommodation experiences, we unlock new revenue streams and minimise our environmental footprint. This endeavour aligns seamlessly with evolving consumer preferences, where conscientious travellers seek authentic and eco-friendly alternatives. With the support of our partners JTC, LTA and MTI, and the growing momentum of eco-conscious tourism, this project demonstrates our commitment to catalyse positive change within the industry while delivering memorable experiences for our guests," said Tiny Pod Pte Ltd Founder & CEO Mr. Seah Liang Chiang.

Besides Tiny Pod, JTC also supports many other startups in LaunchPad, across various stages of their business journey through collaboration and trials in JTC estates, including one-north.

Local incubator MDesign has an ongoing trial with JTC to conduct a Proof of Concept for a smart cooling shelter powered by solar panels and battery packs. This sustainable self-contained solution will tap on passive and active heat management technologies to enhance comfort in the outdoor environment.

Medistation is setting up its Wellness Pod in LaunchPad @ one-north as a plug-and-play zen sanctuary for fuss-free quick meditation therapy sessions. The pod will be complemented with an app for automated access and the integration of other wellness services.

Ms Yap Eai-Sy, JTC’s Director for New Estates Business Development and Marketing Division said, “At LaunchPad, we have curated an ecosystem of players for startups like Tiny Pod to collaborate, co-create as well as validate new concepts and business models. Building on the success of its shipping container hotel testbed, Tiny Pod’s co-living train is a natural progression for sustainable hospitality solutions through adaptive reuse. It is also an innovative option to cater to the demand for short-term accommodation in one-north.”


Annex A: Tiny Pod’s co-living train hotel in LaunchPad @ one-north


Location of Tiny Pod’s co-living train hotel (Image credit: Tiny Pod)



Interior of the co-living train hotel room (Image credit: Tiny Pod)



Tiny Pod’s co-living train hotel (Image credit: Tiny Pod)


Annex B: Other testbeds in LaunchPad @ one-north

MDesign’s smart cooling shelter (Photo credit: MDesign)
Medistation’s wellness pod design (Image credit: Medistation)