JTC to Launch Public Tender for Reserve List Site at Woodlands Avenue 12 under Industrial Government Land Sales Programme

JTC has accepted an application to put up an industrial site at Woodlands Avenue 12 for sale by public tender.

The land parcel was made available for application through the Reserve List system under the second half 2018 IGLS Programme. JTC received an application with a committed bid price of not less than $36,000,000. As the minimum price committed by the applicant is acceptable to the Government, the site will be released for sale by public tender.

Under the Reserve List system, JTC is to make public the minimum price committed for the site. However, the identity of the applicant will not be released. The public tender for the land parcel is scheduled on 26 December 2018 with a tender period of six weeks.

Zoned for Business-2 development, the Reserve List site is a 2.09 ha land parcel with a 30-year tenure and a maximum permissible gross plot ratio of 2.5. More details of the land parcel are available on the JTC website at www.jtc.gov.sg/Woodlands-Ave-12.