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Step-by-Step Guide

For first-time users of JTC e-services, follow these 3 simple steps to sign up and log in to our Customer Service Portal (CSP):

  • Step 1:Sign up for Corppass

    The Authorised Person (AP) and the selected staff who are allowed access to the CSP must have their company's Corppass. Business entities may register for Corppass here.

    Click here to find out more about Corppass and get started on your Corppass registration. If you need help to get started on Corppass, you may reach the Corppass Helpdesk at (+65) 6335 3530 or support@corppass.gov.sg.

  • Step 2: Authorise staff to access JTC e-services on the Corppass website

    The AP must log in to the Corppass website, using his Corppass. He can then authorise the selected staff to access JTC e-services, as an Approver or a Preparer.

    As the Company Administrator (CA), he/she will have full access to CSP. He/she will be able to perform transactions and access the details of all the company's properties.

    Granted only partial access to the CSP, he/she can perform limited transactions, and view details of selected properties owned by the company. Before a Preparer can access CSP, the Approver has to first register him/her on the portal.

  • Step 3: Log in to CSP

    The authorised staff can now log in to CSP. Users will be prompted for their Corppass and the company's Unique Entity Number (UEN).