Science Cafe @ one-north: Share ideas that get people talking

Professionals having a discussion in a video conference call

In science, good ideas often come from great discussions. If you’re hungry for some vibrant discourse, this programme is perfect for you.

Bring an interesting science topic and ignite a discussion with up to 20 like-minded people. Conducted online and wherever you are, the setting is perfect for free-flowing exchange of ideas.

Topics you could talk about

Note: Sharing of brands or services with commercial intent will not be allowed.

Why one-north is ideal
one-north is home to some of the brightest minds in research and innovation. You can count on intellectual quality for your discussion.

Who can apply?
Professionals, academics or serious hobbyists. You’re welcome as long as you have relevant credentials for the topic.


Step 1: e-Application
Submit your application here.

Step 2: Review by JTC
We will review your application within 7 working days upon receiving it.

Step 3: Implementation
If your application is successful, start making preparations for your session. You are responsible for all pre-registration preparations and actual sharing. We will help you in publicising the session to the community to attract participants.

Step 4: Feedback
Help us improve our programme by getting feedback. Share this feedback form with your participants.

We regret that approvals will be at the discretion of JTC and we reserve the right to reject without providing any reason(s).

Nothing contained here should be construed or relied upon as legal advice or as an exemption for you to comply with the law or any requirement of direction of any relevant authority.

If you choose to apply for JTC’s Science Cafe @ one-north programme, you accept that you alone and no other person, organisation or authority will be responsible for your actions and their consequences.