Land Area
Lease Period
20 years
Available for Application

Plot details

Zoning +
Permissible Gross Plot Ratio​​
Maximum Building Height++
120m SHD*

Strata Subdivision

Not Allowed

Project Completion Period+++
60 months
Application Opening Date
31 May 2022
Application Closing Date & Time
28 Jun 2024, 11:00 AM
Tenderer's Packet Details^
1. Technical Conditions of Tender (PDF, 290kb) 
2. Location Plan (PDF, 182kb)
3. Control Plan (PDF, 303kb)
4. Prohibited Use (PDF, 13kb)
5. Other relevant documents and information necessary for tender and purchase request can be submitted here.
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The development on the Land Parcel shall be for any use(s) that may be permitted by the Competent Authority under the Planning Act (Cap 232) for a Business 2 zoning in accordance with the Master Plan Written Statement. The development shall be subject to the approval of JTC and all the relevant Competent Authorities. Please refer to the prohibited uses stated in Condition 5(b) of the Conditions of Tender.


Subject to a technical height control which is inclusive of all structures and fixtures on / above the roof top such as TV antennae, water tanks, lift motor rooms, cranes, maintenance equipment, lightning conductors. All construction equipment and temporary structures such as cranes, piling rig etc are subject to the same height limit.


Computed from the date of acceptance of the tender by JTC up to the date of issue of Temporary Occupation Permit for the whole of the proposed development.


Singapore Height Datum


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