Total Monthly Rent
Unit Floor Size

A factory unit in a high-rise building with a central ramp. Offers direct vehicular access and private loading bays.
  • Floor Loading: 30 kN
  • Ceiling Height: 12m
  • Electrical Loading: 415.69 Amps
  • Please note:
    Who is eligible to apply?

    The units in this property are suitable for trades in Built-Environment (including Metals), Machinery and Timber.

    Please note: You must have a registered Corppass account and pass an initial assessment to obtain a unit.

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    NEA Code of Practice

    Property Details


  • Bus: Served by bus 925
  • Car: 7 minutes from BKE and SLE
  • MRT: 7 minutes drive from Kranji MRT
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  • Foodcourt and restaurant within the development.
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    Property and Industry Type

  • Factory Space
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  • No. of carpark lots : 390
    No. of motorcycle lots : 170
    No. of heavy vehicle lots : 230
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    Goods Lifts

  • N.A.
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  • No. of loading bays: -
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