Nikki Yong, Assistant Manager 
Future of Building & Infrastructure Division

Even as an undergraduate, I knew I wanted to play my part and make the Built Environment sector better.

JTC has many innovative projects, and they appealed to me because I wanted to improve how the industry works.

Here, you’re encouraged to innovate and not be afraid of failure.

There’s always room for innovation, and we’re given the autonomy to explore game-changing solutions. I’m always thinking out of the box.

When it comes to digitalisation, JTC is all about setting a good example for other industry players.

But it’s more than just tapping the latest technologies. How can we implement these solutions so that our external vendors and stakeholders can use them easily? We must think critically about existing processes, their transformation, and how different components fit into larger picture.

I’d like to think of myself as a pillar that provides stability and support. 

Foundations are buried deep beneath the surface and they are not visible. However, they allow structures to stand tall. It’s akin to what I do as an individual contributor and team player.