Creating a safety culture in an inclusive environment
31 Oct 2023 Written by JTC

Workplace Safety & Construction Quality

Jeremy Ho, Safety Manager
Workplace Safety & Construction Quality Division

Safety is paramount and everyone’s responsibility.

I knew I wanted to embark on a career in safety when I graduate. JTC was offering an internship experience in the Workplace Safety Department and I applied for it. The rest, as they say, is history!

During my internship, I developed the first JTC Construction Safety Guidebook.

To put the guidebook together,
I researched JTC’s safety requirements, walked the different sites, and gathered pictures of good safety practices. Through the project, I got to know the construction industry better and learnt how to translate regulations into easy-to-understand guidelines.

Our work environment is inclusive.

We work as a team to achieve the goal of a zero-harm workplace. It’s not easy, but I know my colleagues and supervisors are there to provide guidance. I appreciate the sense of camaraderie too. When I was organising safety-related seminars, my teammates offered their assistance to oversee certain aspects of the event, whether it was pre-event preparation or event execution.

Join JTC with an open mind to learn and experience!
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. After all, an internship lets you acquire the skills and knowledge you can’t find in textbooks.