Policy & Research

Lim Zhao Ting, Manager, Policy & Research Division

I applied for JTC’s scholarship as I wanted to contribute to the development of Singapore’s industrial landscape.

In my time with JTC so far, I have interacted with a myriad of companies, partners, and stakeholders from across the real estate value chain. I’m always inspired by the stories I hear.

I enjoy picking up new skills. During my studies in the US, I was encouraged to pursue a myriad of interests beyond my field of studies. I enrolled in a Machine Learning module and had the opportunity to work in Israel for a month. There, I joined a fast-growing start-up that focused on improving traffic management systems.

Rotations within JTC opened a world of possibilities and exposure for me!

I started out as a cluster officer. The stint gave me the chance to interact closely with companies ranging from SMEs to MNCs and partner them to help facilitate their business growth. Currently, I’m with the Policy Department, where I conduct data-driven policy reviews. We run simulations to study the impact that policy adjustments may bring.

Be curious and strive to learn continuously!

This is an advice that I’d give to potential scholarship candidates. I strongly believe that a good learning attitude, plus a willingness to challenge norms and ask questions, are important to any endeavour one undertakes!