Unveiling the hidden engine of Singapore's growth
31 Oct 2023 Written by JTC


Li Chen, Project Manager, Reclamation Division

I’m always intrigued by the “hidden” engine that powers Singapore’s growth.

Prior to the scholarship opportunity, I had limited knowledge of JTC as a 19-year-old. As I researched more, I was awed by the work of JTC. We always talk about how Singapore overcame the odds to become an economic powerhouse — I wanted to be a part of the action.

My overseas studies opened my eyes to the world.

I brought back useful knowledge and perspectives that I could apply to my work. The scholarship also came with various internship opportunities. As I explored the many facets of JTC’s operations during my internship stints, I also got to know myself better.

My friends think I’m a site inspector!

However, I manage reclamation projects in terms of time, cost, processes, people, planning and design. As such, there’s no such thing as a typical workday. I could either be onsite, in the office doing planning and staff work, or attend various meetings with stakeholders and authorities – sometimes all in a day!

There’s never a dull moment. I’m always expecting the unexpected!

One of my fondest memories was climbing on board a rig and staying there for hours with two other colleagues to observe marine soil investigation works. Each day brings about its own pressures and successes. I’m learning all the time.