Exploring the intersection of sustainability and real estate
31 Oct 2023 Written by JTC

Industry Development

Teo Tsu-Lyn, Deputy Director
Precision Engineering & Urban Solutions Cluster

I take a keen interest in sustainability, which is why my current role, which lies at the intersection between sustainability and real estate, appealed to me.

My work experiences prior to joining JTC revolved around sustainability, such as decarbonisation and long-term planning for sustainability-related infrastructure.  After four fruitful years at the various companies, I thought it timely to move along the sustainability equation to a role that allowed me to engage with companies at the forefront of renewables and technology. I found JTC very well placed to do that.

JTC’s cluster officers wear many hats.

There is no typical workday here, and it’s certainly not a desk-bound role. I could be hosting prospects and partners, organising industry networking events, or meeting up with customers at their sites to discuss their plans for future growth.

People think that we’re just landlords, but we also focus on anchoring new companies in Singapore to promote sustainable economic growth.

We encourage industry transformation so that our customers are ready for the future. JTC’s large network of customers, industry and academic partners bestows us with the unique capability to affect real and enduring change.

Participating in JTC’s volunteer events is always fun and memorable.

We’ve organised appreciation days for our migrant workers and community walks in the Jurong Lake Gardens. One event that stood out for me was JTC’s very own “Bring Your Kids to Work” day. I signed up as a parent volunteer and shepherded 18 excited kids (two were mine) to various workstations that showcased the different aspects of JTC work. It certainly brought a smile to my face, as I’m sure it did to the kids who attended!

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