Driving efficiency and innovation - The power of digital tools in urban planning
31 Oct 2023 Written by JTC

Urban Planning & Design

Riya Nichani, Principal Planner
Urban Planning & Architecture Division

How do you remain creative while being pragmatic and not lose sight of the long-term goal?

That’s what I’m interested in. From drawing board to physical form, I find it very rewarding to witness the evolution of our projects. It is one of the key reasons why I joined JTC.

I am responsible for a wide range of endeavours spanning urban and digital planning fields.

I’m currently part of the team behind the rejuvenation of Sungei Kadut Eco-District and it has showed me the multifaceted aspects of master planning and redevelopment. It’s a steep learning curve, but I find the complex nature of the work invigorating.

Can we cut short the time required for planners to prepare the Urban Design Guidelines (UDGs) and improve their productivity?

The Urban Design Guidelines (UDGs) Automator, one of the projects I’m working on, aims to answer that question.
It went from a concept diagram we sketched on the white board to a fully realised model we are now testing. The results we’ve seen so far make me enthusiastic about utilising digital tools to work more efficiently.

Team spirit. Dare-to-do. Growth.

These are some words that come to my mind when I think about JTC. It feels like a second home.