Beyond building structures - Exploring innovative solutions in engineering
31 Oct 2023 Written by JTC


Kevin Emanuel Suhartono, Senior Engineer
Future of Building & Infrastructure Division

If I were to become a superhero, I’d like to be Iron Man.

In the comics, Tony Stark’s genius led to many of his inventions. I like to innovate as well, and JTC offers opportunities to do just that. So far, I have participated in a wide variety of projects, including JTC’s solar initiatives and mega construction projects like Punggol Digital District, Woodlands North Coast, and Jurong Innovation District.

As a civil and structural engineer, I help architects realise their vision by designing building structures that are safe and stable.

At JTC, I manage consultants and conduct design reviews and value management to ensure the robustness and optimisation of our engineering designs.

One of my career highlights was receiving the Merit Award for the Engineering Innovative Challenge at 2022’s Public Service’s Science, Technology and Engineering Conference. 

In collaboration with National Environment Agency and Temasek Polytechnic, I led a research team that explored replacing sand with recycled plastic waste as a fine aggregate in concrete. We conducted numerous literature studies, carried out experimental studies, and eventually the team managed to develop the optimum recycled plastic-concrete formulation. We produced kerb and drain prototypes and installed them in a real construction project.

One word that describes me? Curious.

I’m always eager to learn something new and delve into how things work. I’m always excited to attend courses, trainings, seminars, and conferences to develop both my engineering and non-technical skills. Thanks to the JTC Study Award, I was able to pursue a master’s degree in the field of civil engineering.