Mr Liew Mun Leong, Surbana Jurong Chairman,

Dr Loo Choon Yong, JTC Chairman

Mr Wong Heang Fine, Surbana Jurong Group CEO,

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


  1. Thank you for inviting me and my colleagues to join you today, and our congratulations to Surbana Jurong on this important milestone of your organisation.

  2. The Jurong Innovation District is envisioned to be a next-generation industrial district that will play a key role in transforming Singapore’s industrial landscape. This is a mega project that will be developed over many years, and we will be using it to strengthen and showcase Singapore’s sectors in urban solutions, advanced manufacturing and smart logistics. We are very excited by Surbana Jurong’s decision to site your Campus here. It is a significant endorsement of our vision for this new estate.

A thriving ecosystem 

  1. The CleanTech Park, where we are now, is the first precinct developed in the Jurong Innovation District. Launched in 2010, it has since established a cluster of companies specialising in urban solutions and advanced manufacturing. The close proximity to NTU offers companies opportunities to draw on NTU’s strong engineering and research capabilities. Companies are also here because CleanTech Park itself is a living lab for engineering and technology innovations. Thus far, we have seeded and enabled over 20 testbeds and collaborations at CleanTech Park amongst research institutes, multinationals, small & medium sized enterprises and start-ups. These include projects in areas such as intelligent estate and building solutions, renewable energy, and urban mobility.

  2. These projects have in turn spurred new investments and accelerated industry development. The success in our autonomous vehicle testbeds, for instance, led to JTC opening the CETRAN AV Test Centre in November 2017. This Centre brings together NTU, LTA, and industry developers, such as ST Engineering, nuTonomy, and Bosch to co-develop regulations and refine technologies for autonomous vehicle solutions in Singapore. In the next phase, JTC is exploring the development of autonomous vehicle workshops to support industry growth.

  3. Another example of a project that we have been actively supporting is BlueTram – a collaboration between NTU and Blue Solutions to testbed an ultra-fast charging electric shuttle for last mile connectivity. This testbed is currently taking place between JTC’s CleanTech Park and NTU’s university campus.

  4. Likewise, we believe that Jurong Innovation District will in time provide Surbana Jurong the platform to develop new partnerships across its value chain in renewable energy, urban planning, architecture, engineering and infrastructure development.

  5. A parallel exciting development that is happening here is the rapid growth of an eco-system for research and development, and technology enablers for Industry 4.0. A*STAR’s Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC) has been here since 2014, and brings together a large community of industry partners to develop advanced manufacturing capabilities through new technologies in digitalisation, virtual visualisation, robotics and 3D printing. We have started our next phase of development to expand this eco-system further, and in early 2020s we aim to make this the place where local and regional industrialists will visit to look for industry 4.0 solutions. It is well documented that great innovation often takes place where different disciplines intersect. We are optimistic that you will be able to find many ideas in the industry 4.0 eco-system here that can enrich your search for new urban solutions.

Creating an eco-friendly and attractive work environment 

  1. Before concluding, I want to take the opportunity to thank Surbana Jurong for going through great length to develop a good architectural plan for your new Campus that is integrated with our master plan. CleanTech Park is Singapore’s first eco-business park and Green Mark Platinum estate. Here, we place emphasis on the natural environment and biodiversity, with Jurong Eco-Garden being a central feature.

  2. We are delighted that the Surbana Jurong Campus is designed to be a Super Low Energy building and will also be well integrated with our Jurong Eco-Garden. We have no doubt that it will add to the vibrancy of our estate, and help us create an attractive and biophilic environment for our community.


  1. In conclusion, we warmly welcome Surbana Jurong into Jurong Innovation District. I wish the management and staff of Surbana Jurong great success.

  2. Thank you.