environmental studies
Environmental Studies

As Singapore’s government agency for industrial development, JTC follows the national Environmental Impact Assessment framework to determine and mitigate the potential impact of new developments on the environment. In general, JTC’s development projects undergo a thorough evaluation process that addresses the development’s potential impact on traffic, public health and safety, heritage, and the environment.

For development projects close to sensitive areas such as nature reserves, nature areas, marine and coastal areas and other areas of significant biodiversity or with potential trans-boundary impact, a more detailed environmental study may be carried out.

Technical agencies, nature groups and community stakeholders are consulted on the findings of the environmental studies for JTC projects, including the extent of potential impact and the proposed mitigation measures to be implemented. The studies will also be published online. 

JTC will assess all feedback received from nature groups and community stakeholders before seeking planning approval from the Ministry of National Development/Urban Redevelopment Authority for the project. Mitigation measures and any monitoring plans will be put in place to minimise any environmental impact before the commencement of any works.

Read our latest environmental study reports and share with us your feedback.

Development project Environmental Study Report Date published
Northern Coast of Woodlands

Coastal Development at Northern Coast of Woodlands

JTC, on behalf of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority, plans to carry out land reclamation at the northern coast of Woodlands to support the expansion and redevelopment works of Woodlands Checkpoint. An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been conducted to determine the potential environmental impact and recommend suitable mitigation measures.

Public feedback for the environmental study report was sought from 29 January 2024 to 26 February 2024. 

The public feedback period has closed. 

If you would like to view the report, please contact Mr Su Ziheng / Ms Joanna Yit / Ms Francesca Ang via email at SU_Ziheng@jtc.gov.sg / Joanna_YIT@jtc.gov.sg / Francesca_ANG@jtc.gov.sg

29 Jan 2024
Northern Tuas Basin

Northern Tuas Basin Proposed Land Reclamation - Environment Study

JTC will be carrying out land reclamation at Northern Tuas Basin (NTB) to support companies that will be affected by JTC and URA’s ongoing plans to rejuvenate the older parts of Jurong and Tuas Industrial Estates, and to meet new industrial land demand.

The NTB reclamation also provides land to support future infrastructure and road network connections to Tuas South and Tuas Port, to meet the projected increased traffic demand.

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was conducted in 2023 to determine the potential environmental impact of the project. It also recommends mitigation measures as well as an Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan (EMMP) to ensure compliance with the Environmental Quality Objectives (EQOs) set for the project. 

Public feedback for the EIA report was sought from 10 November 2023 to 8 December 2023.

The public feedback period has closed. 

If you would like to view the report, please contact Ms Eunice Yang (Eunice_YANG@jtc.gov.sg) or Mr Hadley Cheung at (Hadley_CHEUNG@jtc.gov.sg). 

10 Nov 2023
Agri-Food Innovation Park

Agri-Food Innovation Park Land Preparation Works – Environmental Study Reports

Agri-Food Innovation Park will be a pilot cluster to catalyse innovation in the agri-tech ecosystem, to bring together high-tech urban indoor farming, food production including alternative proteins, and associated R&D activities. Besides helping to improve productivity of local farms and reinforce Singapore’s food security, there is potential for Singapore to develop a model for urban food production that can be exported to the region, along with the associated high-value inputs and solutions.

JTC commissioned a Fauna Baseline Study and Sediment Load Study to better guide development plans in the area.

The reports have identified the potential impacts of the proposed development plans to biodiversity in the area and sediment load in nearby waterways. Appropriate mitigation measures to reduce potential environmental impact are summarised in Table 21 of the Fauna Baseline Study report as well as Section 3.3 of the Sediment Load Study report. The findings from the reports, as well as the feedback received from our engagements with Nature Groups and public will also be carefully considered and addressed, before works resume onsite. 

Environmental Study Reports
1. Fauna Baseline Study Report (PDF, 13.0 MB)
2. Sediment Load Study Report (PDF, 10.0 MB)

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We have carefully considered all feedback received, and would like to share in detail our considerations for the area.

Feedback for Environmental Study Reports
3. Summary of Response  (PDF, 492 KB)

14 Oct 2022
Woodlands Wafer Fab Park

Woodlands Wafer Fab Park Land Preparation Works – Final Biodiversity Impact Assessment Report

Woodlands Wafer Fabrication Park is one of the four wafer fabrication parks developed by JTC in Singapore. The area was set aside for industrial use to anchor incoming strategic economic investments which will create employment opportunities for Singaporeans.

JTC commissioned a consultant to conduct a Biodiversity Impact Assessment (BIA) in 2021 to provide a baseline assessment of the flora and fauna of the site and to guide the development plans for the area. The report identified sensitive receptors pertaining to biodiversity and assessed the potential impacts that the land development plans would have on the proposed site. With the feedback and suggestions from engagements with Nature Groups, we studied the potential biodiversity impacts and developed mitigation measures to reduce the residual impacts to acceptable levels.

BIA Report
1. Full Report (PDF, 13mb)

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We have carefully considered all feedback received, and would like to share in detail our considerations and plans for the Woodlands Wafer Fab Park site. 

Feedback for BIA Report
2. Summary of Response (PDF, 1mb)

31 Mar 2022