Transforming real estate and empowering industries
31 Oct 2023 Written by JTC

Industry Development

Xu Peijun, Assistant Director 
Precision Engineering & Urban Solutions Cluster

I oversee a team of four officers under the Advanced Manufacturing Department.

My team is involved in a varied scope of works such as the marketing of JTC spaces, engagements with companies and economic agencies to anchor strategic companies in Singapore, and lease management.

In JTC, you’ll be exposed to the full spectrum of real estate work.

It is a good learning experience and during the process, you’ll be able to develop different skills. It may be challenging at times, but your teammates and seniors are here to help and give advice.

There are also opportunities for rotations.

I’ve worked at three different departments and dipped my toes in the construction, precision engineering, and advanced manufacturing industries. The experiences allowed me to gain new perspectives and grow.

From just providing land and space to now curating ecosystems, JTC’s role has evolved over the years.

I was in the team that pioneered JTC’s Industry Connect initiative. We had the idea of connecting customers — especially for those customers that are renewing their leases and taking up new facilities or sites — with suitable solutions and training providers to help them adopt new technologies and upskill their workforces. That was how we started to work with technology and training providers, research institutes, institutes of higher learning, and associations as part of Industry Connect. There’s a sense of fulfilment when I hear words of appreciation from customers of our efforts. It gives great meaning to my work!