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Underground cavern at Jurong Island
Jurong Rock Caverns
An engineering feat 150 m beneath your feet.

In land-scarce Singapore, Jurong Rock Caverns prove that we can make smart use of space if we take engineering to new depths.

Located 150 metres below ground, the underground facility (first-of-its-kind in Southeast Asia) safely stores up to 1.47 million cubic metres of liquid hydrocarbons. In doing so, valuable space above ground is freed up for higher value-added operations.

While subterranean developments are nothing new, the scale of the caverns is unprecedented. By overcoming challenges colossal in nature, we opened up possibilities that might just be the answer to Singapore’s land constraint problems.

Sustainable Jurong Island: Transforming Jurong Island into a Sustainable Energy and Chemicals Park

Under the Green Economy pillar of the Singapore Green Plan 2030, Jurong Island is envisioned to transform into a sustainable energy and chemicals park.

In line with this, the Economic Development Board (EDB) has released a report outlining our long-term aspirations and targets, as well as the key initiatives and enablers to support this transformation. View the report here.

The (circular economy) study will enable us to look beyond individual companies’ efforts, and from a system level to discover opportunities for further resource optimisation as a business community.

Goh Koon Eng, Vice President, Commercial
Chevron Oronite
Jurong Island Pond Shots
Jurong Island Pond
Building flood resilience with the Jurong Island pond

As one of the locations in Singapore that has low-lying areas and coastlines, the Jurong Island pond was test-bedded as a nature-based solution to enhance flood resilience against intense and frequent storms arising from climate change. Conceptualised by JTC engineers, the pond can hold up to 125,000m3 of rainwater – enough to fill 50 Olympic-sized swimming pools and is designed to make use of existing ground conditions to build flood resilience.


A perfect setting for perfecting innovations.

Autonomous Vehicle Trials

Where’s better to test the future of mobility than Jurong Island? The vast space and controlled environment make for a perfect test site for ST Engineering’s autonomous buses. Designed to ply public roads one day, these self-driven buses might just be the sustainable transportation alternative that Singapore has been waiting for.

Supporting innovative sustainability solutions

Jurong Island serves as a living lab for test-bedding sustainable technologies. Initiatives like the Jurong Island Innovation Challenge and Jurong Island Renewable Energy Request for Proposals brings together industry, academia, innovators and government agencies to develop and test-bed new sustainability solutions to transform Jurong Island into a sustainable energy and chemicals park.


Eat, meet and mingle away.

People eating in a crowded food court
Food Court
Vacant meeting room
Meeting Rooms

Jurong Island has shared facilities, such as meeting room(s), available for booking. Click here to see the list of facilities and make a booking.

jurong island amenities_
Jurong Island Gallery
A smiling woman uses her phone while sitting in a bus
Getting Here
Taking you to your company’s front door.

Not one but three shuttle bus services serve Jurong Island, taking you to various corners of the island. During off-peak hours, just use the on-demand bus service mobile app to book a ride at a time of your convenience.

View Shuttle Service 715, 716 and 718

Download the ComfortConnect app on the App Store and Google Play store.

Entering Jurong Island

Gazetted as a Protected Area, Jurong Island is safeguarded by a comprehensive security framework. All vehicles and people entering the island require passes, and are screened at a dedicated security checkpoint. Rest assured that clearance procedures are swift thanks to our trained security personnel and the use of advanced security technology.

To obtain your pass, go to Jurong Island Online Pass System.

For details, contact our Visitors Pass Office at 6664 0476 or 6664 0477. Open 24 hours daily.