Jurong Island at a Glance

  • Over 100 leading global companies

  • Over 27,000 energy and chemicals professionals

  • World’s top 10 hub by chemical exports volume

  • World’s top 5 refinery export hub

  • Over S$50 billion worth of investments

Cells and chemicals

Producing the ingredients that fuel global economies

Oil, gas and chemicals are essential for making everything from consumer items to industrial products. They are the lifeline that drives progress. Jurong Island is dedicated to producing and supplying these vital ingredients to the world. And it does so innovatively, and sustainably.

About Jurong Island
Jurong Island a meeting place for chemical engineers

A meeting place for the best and brightest in energy and chemicals

Whether it's recruiting new staff, or finding expertise to collaborate, you only need to look around you. Jurong Island's gathering of your industry's top talent gives your business a powerful advantage to grow and achieve success.

Explore the talent potential of Jurong Island