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Wafer Fab Parks
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Exciting Enhancements

Making your environment as attractive as your industry.

As part of the many ongoing efforts to make the industry more appealing, the following enhancements rejuvenate our parks, making them not just a place you go to work in, but a place you’d love to be in.

A lusher, greener environment is on the way.

The greener our parks, the lusher and nicer they are to work in. So we’ve arranged for over 1,000 more trees to be planted. It’ll be like working in a garden, here in garden city Singapore.

If you want more to feel good about, try this: companies will soon be deploying solar panels on rooftops! Our parks aren’t just getting greener, they’re becoming more sustainable too.

Cycling or walking. We have got you covered.

Cyclists, rejoice! 6.7 km of paths will soon connect our parks at Tampines and Pasir Ris to Singapore’s Park Connector Network (PCN), making everywhere from Pasir Ris Park to Coney Island Park reachable by bicycle.

For those who travel by foot, 5.3 km of sheltered walkways added to these parks means you’ll never have to worry about the weather when you’re going to work or heading home.