A vibrant mixed-use estate in the north
Woodlands North Coast
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Fun and relaxation are all around you.

North Coast Vista

This 750 m car-lite boulevard runs from one end of Woodlands North Coast to the scenic northern coastline.

Go on a leisurely bicycle ride. Or indulge in some retail therapy at the shops lining the pathway. Wonder why there aren’t many vehicles around? That’s because commercial vehicles use a dedicated network that operates underground. Efficient for business and pleasant for pedestrians. It’s just another design feature that makes everyone feel great at Woodlands North Coast.

Parks and Panoramic Coastline

You don’t have to be a nature lover to be wowed by Woodlands Waterfront Park. Besides magnificent views of the sprawling 1.4 km coastline, there are quiet spaces and activity areas that you can enjoy. Just a stone’s throw away is the iconic Admiralty Park where greenery, a river and playground slides make it an irresistible visit for families.


Nostalgic Bungalows

For a little trip back in time, head over to the colonial-era black and white bungalows that stand proudly among the contemporary architectures. Soon to be adapted into lifestyle destinations, the iconic structures let you experience a little of Woodlands’ past while appreciating everything the modern hub has to offer.


Artist's impression of a residential estate at Woodlands North Coast
Perspective Courtesy of HDB
Residences and talent galore.

With several housing estates within walking distance, plus another 10,000 new homes to be added soon, you and your employees will have no lack of choices when it comes to living near your workplace.

Woodland’s plentiful housing also means you’ll have an impressive mix of residents seeking jobs at Woodlands North Coast. The talent you’ve been looking for will soon come knocking on your company’s door.

Seamless Access

Reach anywhere, any time, easily.

Causeway and Rapid Transit System (RTS)

If you often do business in Malaysia, or has a sizeable workforce from across the strait, locating here will be a big advantage.

For one, the Causeway is just around the corner. And by 2026, the much anticipated RTS linking to Johor Bahru will be in operation, making intercountry commuting even faster and easier.

Multi-modal Transport Hub

Largest in Singapore, the multi-modal transport hub connects the community to the RTS, the Woodlands North MRT station and the future bus interchange. Woodlands MRT station, also near the estate, is another convenient transportation option for you and your workers.

A. Woodlands North MRT Station (Thomson-East Coast Line)

B. Woodlands MRT Station (Thomson-East Coast Line & North South Line)


Doing deliveries, transporting supplies, or just going for meetings. The three cross-island expressways (BKE/KJE, CTE/SLE and TPE/SLE) passing by the estate will get you to your destination with the least hassle.