Our Sustainability Journey - Overview

At JTC, our history is as much a story of boldness and innovation as it is a story of sustainable development. Singapore has succeeded as a leading economy because we have not been pursuing growth for growth's sake. Instead, we have been able to strike a fine balance between the economic, social, and environmental. This is both the Singapore and JTC story.

Sustainability remains at the core of JTC's work. As a sustainable developer, JTC has been adopting environmentally sustainable practices in the planning, design, construction and management of our industry spaces and innovation districts.

JTC pledges to do more by partnering enterprises and communities to jointly chart a more sustainable future for Singapore. We are committed to building sustainable industry spaces in a way that continues to safeguard Singapore's liveability and attractiveness as an ideal location for business and talent.


Generating solar energy is not as easy as it seems. Click on the video to learn how JTC's SolarRoof model makes it easier!

JTC's SolarRoof model video
Purpose-Built Reef Structures

Rapid urbanisation and coastal developments remain a constant threat to our marine ecosystem. Click on the video to learn how purpose-built reef structures may help to conserve the rich marine biodiversity!

Singapore's largest purpose-built reef structures at Sisters' Islands Marine Park